• Rebecca H. Avatar
    Rebecca H.

    The course was presented clearly and efficiently. I liked it wasn’t filled with glory stories just the facts and lots of practical opportunities. Mal is friendly and approachable. 24/06/2019

    Tyler S. Avatar
    Tyler S.

    Great course! Very practical and well delivered. Would recommend! 31/05/2019

    Kelle j. Avatar
    Kelle j.

    Very informative course. Was not boring at all. Very hands on. Definitely recommended for everyone, young or old! 09/05/2019

    Matt J. Avatar
    Matt J.

    Very informative and hands on experience. Unlike most courses this was hands on and allowed you to complete the course while doing the practical components in a friendly environment. Would... read more 16/04/2019

  • Greta H. Avatar
    Greta H.

    I did a Childcare First Aid course, I love that the practical is hands on and Mal is there to help and guide you. Learning CPR with the dummies was... read more 22/02/2019

    Riss K. Avatar
    Riss K.

    The course was set at a pace that allowed for interaction of participants and the furthering knowledge via Q&A throughout the day. The pre-course video provided the basic knowledge... read more 16/10/2018

    Annie K. Avatar
    Annie K.

    Great First Aid training at an affordable price.

    Mal was thorough, entertaining and catered for a variety of learning styles.

    Learn First Aid in a relaxed atmosphere with an experienced trainer!

    Josh E. Avatar
    Josh E.

    Awesome course. So much fun, great participants and instructor. Mal makes the content easy to understand and fun to learn. Would recommend to any looking to learn first aid. 12/10/2018

  • Mia W. Avatar
    Mia W.

    Really great course for beginners to first aid and a good refresher for those topping up their skills after a few years off. The theory was easy to follow and... read more 12/10/2018

    Erika T. Avatar
    Erika T.

    Such an informative training! Very interactive. Highly recommend! 12/10/2018

    Shirley D. Avatar
    Shirley D.

    This was my first experience of first aid training in Australia. Very informative but also trained in a fun and relaxed manner. 08/10/2018

    Charan L. Avatar
    Charan L.

    I would rate this as the best first aid course I have attended. The trainer was hands-on, encouraging and very Informative. This 5.5 hour’s spent on this course felt worthwhile.... read more 27/09/2018

  • Jhenai L. Avatar
    Jhenai L.

    Mel is as great to learn from. Made everyone feel very confident. I’ll be back next year. 22/09/2018

    Arryn C. Avatar
    Arryn C.

    A very detailed course. Gave great insight from past experiences and real word examples. I definitely feel confident in my skills after completing this course. Would highly recommend. 20/09/2018

    brendon h. Avatar
    brendon h.

    A very thorough, friendly and fun course.

    Would recommend.


    Tyler S. Avatar
    Tyler S.

    Great course! Very practical and we'll delivered. Would recommend! 20/09/2018