How Electricians Prepare for Rescue from a Low Voltage Panel

While delivering low voltage rescue courses for electricians at My First Aid Course, we occasionally hear of electrical shock accidents. These stories always serve as a sober reminder that a few seconds of inattention can become a very sore point indeed, so it’s crucial for electricians to have the right training and rescue equipment on hand.

Low Voltage Panel Rescue sign

The trauma signs from electrical shock may include:

  • burns from the current entry and exit points
  • muscle pain
  • contractions
  • seizure
  • and unconsciousness

Electric current can injure blood vessels, nerves, and muscles. Internal organs can also be affected, resulting in an irregular heartbeat, breathing difficulties and organ failure.

Low Voltage panels are located at most residential and retail properties and can present an electric shock risk when working on them live, hence the need for special low voltage rescue training. 

3 Precautions for Safe Low Voltage Panel work 

Electrical workers who undertake testing/commissioning work on LV power panels must take several precautions. Firstly, workers need to:

  1. have a ‘spotter’ with them in case of trouble
  2. They should carry a LV First Aid Kit
  3. And every year, they should upgrade their knowledge on Low Voltage live rescue in a quality-assured and nationally accredited LVR CPR course

As you can do an LVR/CPR course with My First Aid Course Brisbane in just a few hours, take the time to book it in. You can practise simulated rescue in this low voltage rescue training. It may prove a seminal day if it allows a workmate to enjoy life a bit longer. 

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What the Spotter does in a LVR Emergency

LV Rescue Training Course

With the insulated gloves on, the spotter gets the nearby LV Rescue First Aid kit and grabs the long hook to pull the person away from the risk area. The insulated hook keeps the rescuer safe from live shock. 

If a fire has erupted, the rescuer pulls the kit’s fire blanket over it.

If not breathing, the rescuer performs chest compressions and checks their airways then breathing.  Makes an emergency 000 call.  Stays with the patient, covers any burns, and keeps him or her as comfortable as possible.

In this scenario, carrying a LV Rescue First Aid Kit is very important.  Electricians are inclined to get used to working with low voltage, however, this specialised safety kit will help you and your fellow workers to have the right gear at hand in the case of a Low Voltage Electrical shock.


Elements of a Low Voltage Rescue Kit

The kit you can purchase should meet Australian Standards for safe working on/near low-voltage electrical installations.  

LV Rescue Kit Contents

A typical kit contains:

  • Bag: Weatherproof PVC with reflective strip & contents tag
  • Blanket – Thermal
  • Burns Dressing – Multi Trauma, 91cm x 20cm
  • Burn Relief Pad – 10cm x 10cm
  • Burns Treatment card, A6
  • Fire Blanket 1.2m x 1.8m (AS/NZS 3504)
  • Gloves – Insulated to 1000V, Size 11 (AS 2225)
  • LV Rescue Hook – Insulated
  • Resuscitation CPR Mask
  • Sign – “Isolate Here in Emergency” 30cm x 22.5cm
  • LED Torch, 2AA Batteries
  • Inspection and Content Card.

Take these Steps Before Working on LV Electrical Panels

Electrical Safety Checks Low Voltage

  1. Check the LV Rescue Kit contains everything on the contents tag and the torch works. 
  2. Air test the insulating gloves and check they work.
  3. Treat all apparatus as ‘live’ unless proven otherwise. Cover any exposed energized parts that will not be worked on. 
  4. Position the LV Rescue Kit close to the work site. 
  5. Put the Isolation emergency placard on the correct panel. 
  6. Take precautions of wearing insulated gloves, protective clothing, work boots, hard hat. 
  7. Check with the manager that the rescue and safety procedure is clear and that the SWMS has been completed. 

And finally, ensure you have completed an accredited Low Voltage Rescue CPR Training course, like the one we deliver weekly in Brisbane.

LVR Course Info & Booking:

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