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Student Reviews

Cathy B. Avatar

Great course. Well explained and of great benefit for all ages to do. Thank you Mal

Cathy B. 20/07/2018
Kozue M. Avatar

I did a child care first aid course today. I loved it because we did a lot of practice. This helped me learn 🙂

Kozue M. 16/07/2018
Kitty C. Avatar

This is my second time and will definitely come back again. From the start to end the training was very informative, engaging and very well structured, thanks to Mal

Kitty C. 04/07/2018
Michael Avatar

Very thorough first aid course, Mal created a comfortable environment for us all to learn.

Mal is a very experienced teacher with a wealth of information.

Would definitely recommend to all.

Michael 04/07/2018
Georgie D. Avatar

Fantastic CPR course. Lots of hands on and practical practice to help learn. Would highly recommend this course to everyone.

Georgie D. 28/06/2018
Nicole S. Avatar

It is so affordable probably one of the most adorable i have found and also the most enjoyable! I learnt so much. Definitely recommend

Nicole S. 20/06/2018
Brianna H. Avatar

Absolutely amazing program! Loved Mal- was such a good teacher and was easy to get along with! So applicable to the real world- loved his program!!

Brianna H. 20/06/2018
Melanie W. Avatar

Finished a CPR course. Learned so much and such a lovely and interesting trainer. 100% would recommend.

Melanie W. 20/06/2018
Felicia B. Avatar

Very good, hands on and informative. Great facilities. Def wear comfy clothes and you'll get your shoes off.

Felicia B. 15/06/2018
kristalla m. Avatar

Very thorough, and management to make a first aide course enjoyable. Thank you so much Mal, defiantly learnt a lot more that I knew 🙂

kristalla m. 15/06/2018
Natasha N. Avatar

This first aid course was super helpful and very thorough. Mal taught a clear and effective CPR and first aid training session.

Natasha N. 09/06/2018
Jase G. Avatar

Great course. The instructor (Mal) took the time to make sure everyone understood the material and was competent and confident. Recommended.

Jase G. 06/06/2018
Christy Gbeddy | 1+ Year ago ★★★★★

My first time of first aid traning with Mal was fantastic, he teaches with much experience and much of professionalism, i would recommend Mal to everyone who want to do his /her first aid .he will give you everything you need. Chirsty Gbeddy

LukeC123 | 2+ Years ago ★★★★★

Mal has a real passion for teaching first aid and seeing people do their best. I want to thank Mal for being so supportive and professional in his approach. I learnt a lot and feel confident to apply first aid. I highly recommend this course!

Brian Modra | 2+ Years ago ★★★★★

Mal really knows how to make the whole subject of first aid come alive. We had a lot of fun, learned a lot of relevant stuff, and came away from it thinking "more people should do this, in fact everyone should."

Ben Jamin | 2+ Years ago ★★★★★

My first aid course is enjoyable, professional, precise yet concise. It offers an intense and thourough day of learning to assist others and maybe even save a life. And it does so with articulate and clear explanations paired with hands on practise until you get it right. If you need a first aid certificate my first aid is the ya to go.

Leeroy455 | 2+ Years ago ★★★★★

I have nothing but positive feedback for Mal's 'My First Aid Course'. Having gone through the course with him recently, I was highly impressed by his knowledge, his engaging style and structure of the theoretical and practical elements of first aid, and somehow found myself even having fun! It was an informative, constructive day that was also enjoyable and rewarding. If you need a first aid certificate, Mal is your guy! 5 stars!.

Gold Class Computers | 2+ Years ago ★★★★★

My experience of training with My First aid was fun and interesting. Mal presents the course material in an informative and inclusive manner. This means that I learnt and passed each section of the course with flying colours. Because it was group course Mal helped each of us to feel comfortable and able to master all of the concepts and practical skills required. I highly recommend getting first aid training with My First Aid Training..

What To Expect - Feedback From A Student's Perspective

Why First Aid Training?

An experience you will remember for life.

Skills that will equip you for life threatening situations

An excellent balance of professionalism and humour.

Well facilitated and engaging

Very relaxed...everything you need to perform first aid confidently.

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